We currently have a stunning litter of F6 SBT kittens with large black spots and a nice clear base coats. Some have a golden warm tone and some are cool based with exotic black tear stains and black noses. Some of the babies in this litter will carry the Melanistic gene, the ones with the black noses and really exotic looks. As with all of our babies we breed for the great patterns and colors but we also pride ourselves on the great confirmation our babies display! Long, tall and lean with HUGE ears and serval gold hooded eyes.  These kittens will be raised in the home with the family they are loved and cherished by our family and socialized with other cats. All of our babies are PK Def and PRS clear by parentage!
We have produced TICA CH Damaraexoticat Leo of Golden Bay who took the title of Best SV Cat in the NW Region including Canada in 2016 and his brother Leo who took second place the same year.  We do expect to have some kittens that will be breeding quality and we will consider a small breeding program for those kittens
 Feel free to call for more info 207-465-3052.


Meet Kruger.... F6 TICA SBT Male Savannah Kitten! Kruger is a little Purr MACHINE. Very sweet and loving. He has a beautiful cool coat with a great spot pattern. He has the fuzzies now but you can still see how nice he will look when he loses his baby coat. Nice wedge head, black nose, short tail. Will make a great pet or will also consider a breeding home to a small in home breeder. From a huge litter of seven! Ready to go May 25th.


Meet Samburu... F6 TICA SBT Male Savannah Kitten! PRA and PK DEF Negative. Sami has a beautiful warm coat his spots are to die for! You have to look at the size of his paws!!!! They are huge. He has the sweetest angelic little triangular face and gorgeous well placed ears! he has great nose leather and nice long legs and a long body as well, he is going to be something else! 

 Meet Kidepo....He is an F6 TICA SBT Male Kitten. Kido is a beautiful cool tone boy with nice big black inky spots, great tear stains and a beautiful of course, that amazing black nose! Just like all of his siblings, he has great ears and ear placement tall and round. He has an exotic look and a curious sweet personality! This entire litter of seven beautiful babies are long bodied and long legged, we were really blessed. 

Meet Narus..... F6 TICA SBT Male. Will be ready on May 25th. He comes from a huge litter of 7 babies! Narus has a gorgeous warm golden coat. His ears are just perfect! He looks so wild, like I found him while I was hiking through the woods. He is super cuddly and he has nice big spots that really stand out on his beautiful clear base coat. Awesome brick colored nose leather and great cheek pads. This baby boy is sooo spectacular! 


Meet Moremi.... F6 TICA SBT Male Savannah Kitten. PRA and PK Def Negative. Remi is a cool tone SV with bold black spots! He is in his fuzzy stage like all of his siblings but it is really easy to see how impressive his spots are. He has a perfect wedge face and you could not ask for better ears, they are perfect tall and in perfect position! He is a super typey boy and will be ready on May 25th for his new family! 

The Girls 

Meet Kalahari..... F6 TICA Reg SBT Female Savannah Kitten. We have named this litter of 7 after Nature Preserves in Africa 
Kalah is a little model. She seemed to love posing for the camera! She has an outgoing fun personality and she is a joy to watch. She is beautiful and we call her the stalker because she loves to hunt down anyone and everyone, kittens, cats, toys and people! She has a wondeful clear base coat and very pronounced big spots, great ears like all of her 7 siblings, a beautiful brick colored nose, she is a long lean stalking machine!

Meet Mara.... She is an F6 TICA SBT Savannah kitten. PK Def and PRA Negative. Mara has a dark gold tone coat with a black nose nice warm tones under her very extreme bold exotic markings. Her black spot pattern is beautiful, she has great ears and that coveted black nose with great tear stains and huge ears. She is just as perfect as can be. Mara comes from a litter of seven. Ready for her new family on May 25th!

Below are some of our past F6 SBT babies.
One of our Beautiful F3 C kittens