We Are Expecting F6 Kittens Around July 10th!

The Beautiful Keshka is expecting. We kept her back from Sara and Cooper's 2015 litter because she was so very beautiful and because she stole our hearts with her sweet affectionate demeanor .  She is 16 months old and this is her very first litter. Just like all of our cats here at Damara, she is PK Def N/N. Keshka has great type just like her full brothers, Leo and Cato who were shown in The NW Region Tica Shows and the boys won big! You can see their results on our Show Results Page. We expect these kittens to have amazing confirmation, spot patterns and color. With these two gorgeous parents they should be showstoppers!


Bailey is our newest stud here at Damara Cats. We chose him because of his beautiful warm honey base coat , his coat is nice and clear and he has FANTASTIC spots. He has the most loving personality, he just has to be loved and petted and will chase you through the house if you ignore him! Although he is an intact breeding male, he does not spray and we LOVE that about him.  All babies will be PK Def N/N because both parents are.