Welcome to Damara Exotic Cats. We are a small in home Tica Registered Cattery. Our cats and kittens are an important part of our  lives. As a child, I dreamed of one day having a pet a tiger or leopard. As an adult it became clear this dream would not become a reality. When I found the Savannah breed I was amazed that I could have a miniature version of these beautiful big cats that I had always admired and longed to share my life with.  I will always be facinated by their beauty and their fun personalities! This has been a dream come true and I look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with families that are commited and qualified to add a Savannah Cat to their home

Our kittens are well socialized with adults, children, other cats and our Boxers. It is our goal to breed kittens that are breed standard, healthy and properly socialized so that they will be great family members bringing  years of joy and love to their new families. 


We are new to the wonderful world of Savannah Cats but we are so fortunate to have found some great mentors with years of experience behind them and they were kind enough to share their advise and to help us choose the very best foundation cats that we could hope for to start our breeding program. They did a great job because our very first litter is AMAZING!! We had five stunning babies and one of them has already found a wonderful show home and he has started his show career! Damara Catalino 524 of Golden Bay pictured to the right has actually finaled in his first show and he even came in 9th place out of 33 kittens in the ALL BREED CATEGORY at 16 weeks of age! We could not be any more proud of our sweet handsome boy. We are so excited to watch this boy develope and we expect great things from Cato! 

Thank-you so much Melanie and Josh Mullins for giving our baby such a great home and a fantastic start to his show career. We also want to thank Paige Dana for her guidance, advise and for finding our super loving stud cat, Cooper also for intoducing us to Sue Armstrong his awesome breeder, it is so obvious how much love and attention he received there because he is so sweet and sociable to all people and other cats. Thank-you Sue Armstrong for tusting us with Cooper. Not only is he gorgeous but he also produces the most beautiful kittens we could dare to hope for. We would also like to thank Susy Peterson for all of her advise and time and for tusting us with her two beautiful cats, Kenya and Sarah! 

Most of all we want to thank all of you for your commitment and passion for this amazing, beautiful breed and your friendship and desire to help.

We appreciate all of your support and help more than words could ever express!