All cats in our breeding program are either already tested for PK Def or they will be tested before they are bred. The only exception to this rule will be the kittens born here that we keep back for breeding, if both parents are PK Def N/N,  then the offspring of those cats will be considered PK Def N/N by Parentage.  

Amara Cooper - PK DEF N/N

Sarika of Damaraexoticats - PK DEF N/N

Zuri  PK DEF N/N

Steel Magnolia  PK DEF N/N   

Black Dahlia  PK DEF N/N 

Damaraexoticats Pricilla PK DEF N/N by Parentage

Damaraexoticats Catness- PK DEF N/N by Parentage

SASkatz Bailey- PK Def N/N

***All tests were performed by UC Davis and can be emailed upon request.***

Below is a link from UC Davis about PK Deficiency in cats. This is a terminal genetic disease that affects Savannah Cats. It has no cure and it is devastating to the cats affected and their owners. Please read this article carefully to educate yourself about this disease.