Sixteen week old Damara Catalino 524 at Golden Bay in his very first TICA Cat Show where he took 9th place in the ALL Breed Kitten Category out of 33 entries and he got his first final! We are very proud. Thank-you to his amazing mom, Melanie Mullins for this pic of our handsome baby :)

Update Sept 28, 2015.... We are very excited and proud to announce that Cato is the best SV kitten in the Northwest US and the 9th best SV kitten in the WORLD!!  

Update Nov 2015 Cato became a TICA Champion during his very first adult show!!! We are so proud of this handsome boy and we cannot thank his devoted owners, Melanie and Josh Mullins for making the effort and the time to show our Cato!

Below are Cato's beautiful litter mates. We had five beautiful kittens in his litter. 

Damara Cats SWAGGER 

Damara cats KALI

Damara Cats PRICILLA 

 Damara Cats Zulu



Damara Cats Zion 


 Damara Cats Zendae