Kitten Prices

Our kittens are priced based on their generation and their quality.  Savannah kittens are classified according to their filial number and this refers to how many generations the kitten is away from the Serval. (IE) F1 is one generation away from the serval, meaning that one parent is a Serval F2 is 2 generations away and so on. Sometimes you will see a letter or SBT after the number, below is an explanation:

A Signifies that one parent is a non-Savannah cat, AKA: Domestic outcross.

B Signifies that both parents are Savannah cats.

C Signifies that both parents and the grandparents are Savannah cats. One great grand parent is a Serval. 

SBT Signifies that the parents, grandparents and the great-grandparents are all Savannah cats. SBT (Stud Book Tradition) Savannah cats are considered a full Savannah and may be shown in TICA Shows, if the breeder grants the buyer showing rights on the TICA paperwork. If you have a desire to show your new Savannah kitten it must state on the papers that the kitten is an SBT so it must be an F4 SBT or below.

At this time we produce F3, F4, F5 and F6 kittens.

The prices below are pet prices only, pricing is a range based on the quality and generation of the kitten. On occasion we may price any kitten for less or more than the prices below based on his/her quality. 

We will occasionally sell to breeders after careful screening. 

For breeder prices please call me at 207-465-3052.

F3C Kittens...........$4500 to $7500*

F4 SBT.............$3000 to $5500*

* The high end would be for F3 and F4 Females with breeding rights.

F5 SBT Kittens...........$2500 to $9000*

F6 SBT Kittens.........$2000 to $9000*

*The high end would be top quality  F5 to F6 males  with breeding and showing rights.

We reserve the right to charge less or more than listed above depending on the quality of the kitten.

*All Deposits and Payments are Non-Refundable*