"We loved Cato before we even met him. A dear friend and law enforcement officer passed away on duty in an ATV accident right about the same time we saw Libby's babies. We saw Cato's picture and BAM we knew he was ours. Catalino 524 was named him after our fallen friend with his radio number.

Cato was the sweetest boy we could've asked for! We wanted a show boy close to TICA standard with an easy going temperament. He achieved a final in his first show the day after he turned 4 months old. He was a favorite at the show hall (especially with those willing to shake a feather at him!)

Libby's babies are fantasically socialized and friendly! He loves everyone ESPECIALLY his 3 year old best friend. She sleeps and eats with him telling everyone he's "Her Cato."

Libby was so helpful during our interactions and has become someone I am blessed to call my friend. We are so thankful to have our Cato in our lives! He means so much more to us than just a show cat, he's a family member! Thank you Damara Exotic Cats and thank you Libby!"