Our Queens

 Black Dahlia F2 Melanistic

Meet Black Dahlia.....She is a litter mate to Maggie (pictured below) and she is a major love bug! Dahlia is an F2 and she has the sweetest puppy like personality. She is sweet to all other cats and anyone who enters the house may just find her on their lap or she may chase them down for a chin rub. Dahlia is so gorgeous with her deep black color and he beautiful ghost spots! If you look carefully at her second picture you will be able to see her ghost spots, she looks like a little black leopard. She has an amazing loving personality and a need for speed! She is an active kitten and loves to explore and find things to do. We adore this sweet girl. We plan to breed her this spring once she is health tested and of the appropriate age.

Steele Magnolia F2

DNA Health Testing -PK Def N/N ...... PRA N/N

Meet Maggie...... We think that she is one of our most exotic looking Savannah girls. Maggie, just like her sister is as sweet as honey! She will stalk me for my attention and if I do not pay attention to her, I hear about it because she will cry loud and long until I pick her up. She is the alpha female under Zuri. Maggie loves to climb the posts in our post and beam home and one of her favorite tricks is to climb the beam closest to a beautiful pricey wind chime I hung in the house and bat it as hard as she can to get attention! Yes she is the Drama Queen of the family, I guess every family has one! Maggie loves to play any game you can think of because she just wants you to spend time with her but luckily she is also very happy playing on her own too. Once she gets her fill of human attention, she will happily run off and look for anything fun to do, she loves to find new adventures. 


    Catniss and Keshka F5 SBT Sisters  (Located in Boston with my son.)

  *** PK DEF TESTED N/N by Parentage ..... PRA TESTED N/N by Parentage   ***

 Meet Prissy (KeshkaShe is located in Boston with my son )...... She is a baby that we kept back from Sara and Cooper's first litter along with her sister, Catness. She is so outgoing and friendly to everyone she meets.  She has a beautiful warmer clear coat and huge black spots!  Prissy just loves everyone, people and other cats. She is super athletic and true to her name, she is a prissy girl, she knows that she is gorgeous and you can see it in the way that she carries herself and  the way that she sits and stares at herself in the mirror. 

Our Kings 

Amara Cooper 

  *** PK DEF TESTED N/N  ........ PRA Tested N/N***

Meet Cooper....... He is the biggest attention monger you will ever meet. Cooper came to us from Sue Armstrong at Amara Cats and it was so obvious from the day he arrived her that Sue is an amazing breeder and that she really  loves and cares for her cats. Cooper is so well socialized and you can never pet him long enough. He craves human interaction, he will roll on his back and beg you to pet his belly!!! When you do, he wraps his paws around you so you won't stop. He is a wonderful breeder, he is gentle and sweet with the girls so we joke around and call him Don Juan. We were so fortunate that Sue agreed to trust us with this handsome sweet boy and we enjoy him so very much. He is a true joy to be around and always brings a smile to our faces. He lights any room he is in with his happy go lucky personality. Cooper is our only male at this time but we will be adding more males in 2016.

                                                   *** PK DEF TESTED N/N  ***
Bailey is our beautiful "Golden Boy" He is huge and sweet and just a joy to have around! He is a real romeo around the girls and also very sweet to the babies. He is good around all animals and people. Bailey loves a good tummy rub! He is a huge male not yet a yr old and close to 20 pounds! He is super long and tall. His color is a beautiful gold and he has great contrasting black spots the base coat is very clear. He is just one  handsome lovebug !